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We value your privacy; any information you share with us remains secure and private.

GalleryNetwork protects any credit card information you submit. As soon as you enter the checkout portion of our site, your screen becomes secure by using SSL (Secure Socket Layer. When in secure mode, the website address should begin with https:// rather than http://. Check for an icon in the lower left corner of your browser showing your connection is secure: if using Netscape, look for a key, Microsoft users look for a locked padlock.


Your order will be packed carefully; we understand that occasionally packages become damaged in transit. Please refuse packages with obvious exterior damage and contact us for immediate replacements. We take the utmost care in packaging prints. We stand behind our work. If you do receive a package that has been opened with a damaged print, we require notification within 72 hours. Customer service is happy to hear from you regarding any problems that may develop.

Never send any credit card information through email or any comment forms. Neither of these methods is secure. We want to help you protect your valuable information.

Sales Tax / Duty

Gallery Network is incorporated in the State of Florida. Any orders shipped to a Florida address will be charged Florida Sales Tax unless a valid Annual Resale Certificate for Sales Tax is on file with us prior to placing the order. We will update these accounts so Florida Sales Tax is waived.

Accounts in States other than Florida will not be charged sales tax.

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